About us


Jamjoom its quality continues

With the start of the construction boom in the Kingdom, the Jamjoom Tile Factory was established in 1980 and began manufacturing tiles, blocks and cement materials using the latest Italian machines.
Since then, he is a contributor to many renaissance projects around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as schools, factories, facilities, roads, hospitals….etc.
All of our products conform to Saudi and international standards. The raw materials used in our production are of superior quality and can withstand for many years. The factory’s products varied from all kinds of tiles to cement blocks, road blocks, parking lots and sidewalks.
Jamjoom Tiles Factory has been adding to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1980 the most beautiful designs and the finest products.And we constantly demonstrate our commitment to create products of high artistic and aesthetic value, characterized by the latest extreme technologies, distinguished designs, which are reflected in the certificates and designs of our competitors and the satisfaction of our customers.
بلاط/مصنع بلاط/مصنع بلاط بجده/جمجوم/بلاط جمجوم /مزايكو/ قرميد/بلوكات/بلاط شمسي/ بلاط موزايكو/بلاط ملون/بلاط ابيض


Maintaining the leadership and the first brand not only in the southern region, but we look forward to spreading and expanding throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Quality.. and trust
To satisfy and keep our customers

Our goals

  • Continuous excellence in the development of technology in the building materials industry.
  • Continuous development in human resources programs by training and qualifying work teams and qualifying national competencies.
  • Developing competitive capabilities to meet all the wishes of our customers in terms of quality, prices and flexibility to facilitate transactions
  • Achieving the spread and expansion of our products to customers all over the Kingdom.
  • Maintaining our leadership and excellence by providing our products at the highest levels and quality standards.

Our values ​​are our identity

So we strive to have this meaning present in our minds in every action we act or conduct.